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Ferroclad - Cement Industries Repair Services

(In association with roc maintenance-senegal)

FerroClad, through its Indian presence and application expertise on cement, is become one of the new expert company for Cement plant grinding mills and other reconditioning services.  We are able to carry out hard facing and cladding through FerroClad Service-Partner centers or on-site in India and now in West Africa.  The unique FERROCLAD approach combines a complete analysis of the operating conditions, the identification of the optimal working conditions and a treatment of the grinding components in such a way that the optimal working conditions are maintained over the longest period of time possible.  Users of this proactive approach have saved millions of kWh at constant optimised production level, with typical pay back periods measured in months.

Vertical Raw Mill grinding components


FerroClad’ solution:

•FERROCLAD has developed a unique knowledge of vertical grinding mills and has designed cored wires with wear characteristics specially adapted for this application

•FERROCLAD can supply new advanced grinding components using our wires and techniques

•FERROCLAD can utilize worn castings using similar techniques to hardface back to the original component profile

•FERROCLAD can refurbish grinding components within the local FerroClad  Services with their partners or in-situ depending on your requirements

•The composite construction of FERROCLAD technique adapted components results in a simultaneous increase in abrasion resistance and toughness relative to the traditional castings made of Ni-hard or high-chromium material.

•FERROCLAD welding technology enables us to protect and seal intersections against localised wear prior to hardfacing complete components, which gives a smoother and more efficient grinding operation.

Benefits: Optimise grinder performance, reduce maintenance costs, minimise mill energy consumption and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for the parts.

Roller presses


FerroClad’ Solution:

•FERROCLAD Research and Development centre has developed flux cored and SAW wires specifically designed for the high pressure roller press market

•FERROCLAD wires can be used for local repairs or a complete resurfacing operation using methods and techniques developed by FERROCLADG

•Total engineering solution for repair of worn roller press grinding components

•Operations can be carried out at local FerroClad Services Centre or in-situ depending on the required refurbishment and condition of the roller press

•FERROCLAD can offer additional services within their maintenance package: monitor surface wear, apply chevron profile and straight line profile to increase efficiency or apply specific geometries on the surface of the roller press


Extend the roller press service life and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Consistency and customer service

All operations follow pre-defined procedures for:

• NDT inspections

• Dimensional checks